Categories of work

Patent filing and prosecution Trial for invalidation of patent or utility model
Utility model filing and prosecution Trial for invalidation of design or trademark registration
Design patent filing and prosecution Recording of transfer of IP rights Translation of IP documents
Trademark filing and prosecution IP searching
Renewal of trademark registration IP licensing
Opposition to patent IP counselling and opinion
Opposition to trademark IP litigation

The firm

M. IDE & Co. is a firm located in Tokyo, Japan, specialising in counsel and representation in the procurement of patents, trademarks and other IP rights. M. IDE & Co. was founded in 1995 by Masatake IDE who was born in 1957 in Tokyo Japan and was admitted in 1984 as a Japanese patent attorney (benrishi) and is now one of the most experienced active IP practitioners in Japan.  M. IDE & Co. has been working for global procurement of IP rights on behalf of Japanese and international clients for over 20 years. The global work over the years has developed its understanding of various legal systems and ways of thinking which are diverse in various countries, which has helped when communicating with its international clients. Masatake IDE is not only active as an IP practitioner but also has been making a great contribution to the IP industry in Japan since he was an executive officer of Japanese Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA) in 2009-10, and a vice president of JPAA in 2011-12, also as a vice president of the Education Institute of JPAA since 2012, contributing the continuing education for patent attorneys. He was a member of the board of examiners for examination of Japanese patent attorneys in 2014-15, and since 2012 has been a lecturer (concerning response to office action in chemical field) of the JPAA practical training course, which is mandatory to join JPAA. In order to give good advice to clients, extensive knowledge is required about IP laws in various jurisdictions. M. IDE & Co. always endeavours to gather updated legal information in other countries to better understand their trends and ways of thinking.


Areas of practice

Masatake IDE chairs the firm and is a specialist of chemical and biochemical IP matters and was a chairman of the biotech/life-science committee of JPAA in 2004, and therefore M. IDE & Co. became popular as a firm providing good legal service and expertise in chemical/biotechnological areas, and has now grown to handle a wide range of IP matters, including mechanical, electrical, design patent, trademark and unfair competition. The firms informative and thoughtful analysis, opinion, suggestion and drafting always inspires clients to find confidence and significance of their invention or innovation. Also, when responding to office actions, clients can expect outstanding works from M. IDE & Co. by virtue of its deep understanding of inventions and communication excellence. Further, M. IDE & Co. represents post-grant procedures, for example representing opposition or invalidation trial of patents and trademarks, and represents appeals to the IP High Court. Inspiration and insight as above set M. IDE & Co. apart from the other law firms.


About M. IDE & Co.

9F, Gobancho Grand Bldg. 3-1, Gobancho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0076
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Languages: English, Japanese
Contact: Masatake IDE
Member: FICPI